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NOD #1

Warden's Hollow is the only prison on earth...


Ok, it's the only prison on earth that is capable of holding demons, vampires, and insanity inducing monsters behind bars. When the mafia is made up of crazy cultist with monstrous bodyguards, you need a police force just as monstrous to take them down. Unfortunately, there are some things you can't imprison forever.

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NOD #1 Variant Cover

NOD is a fresh take on the works of H.P Lovecraft and fellow mythos writers. It is not a story of right and wrong, there's no superheroes or mastermind villains with names like Doctor Vengeance or anything like that. It's centered on the ties of family and Lovecraft's idea of cosmicism or humanity's cosmic insignificance and mankind's final fight against the horrors of the cosmos.


Variant artist Elizabeth Van Lent makes her comic book debut with NOD #1 

Elizabeth Van Lent crop.jpg
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NOD #2

NOD #2 continues the story of Enoch as he tries to fit in to the increasingly weird environment of Warden's Hollow. What kid doesn't want to work in a supernatural prison?

Artist Rebecca Turbee makes her Warden Comics premier! 

Coming Soon
Double Cross

What happens when an alien interrupts the 1936 Berlin Olympics? A world full of superpowered people on the brink of another World War! 

Coming Soon
DC2 cover.PNG
Double Cross #2

The nations are at war! How will history change now that Germany has actual superpowers?

Coming Soon
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