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Interior Page Previews

crow and the eternal night

written and illustrated by colleen palmer

Read a 12 page preview now on Colleen's Ko-fi page!

An undead apocalypse has set our world in chaos. No man or animal is safe from this plague, and humanity's solution only adds to the undead's ever-growing numbers. Enter Crow - our avian hero - who courageously volunteers to journey, find, and speak with ancient creatures who devour the undead. On discovering they feast only under the blanket of complete darkness, Crow must find a way to stop the Moon from shining for one night to save our world.

Crow and the Eternal Night is a comic love-note to folklore – where birds can fly and talk to the Moon and ancient forgotten creatures of days past are rediscovered. If you like this kind of stuff…


...crows, birds, hero journeys, quests, soft-horror, dark fantasy, fantasy, skeletons, eyeballs, mythology, animals, comics, comics about anything just mentioned…


… then you'll probably enjoy this book.


Book Specs:

8.5"x11" Book

56 pages

Black and White Interior pages


If it were a movie rating - we'd give Crow and the Eternal Night a PG/PG-13. It's solid dark fantasy with zombies, skeletons, and weird, dark creatures, but no over-the-top gore/violence or nsfw content.

Crow EN.png

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Crow and the Eternal Night Physical Edition.


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Crow and the Eternal Night Digital Edition in PDF format

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