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the curators


Ludie sexton

As a huge fan of both history and science fiction, Ludie Sexton is the creator and writer of Double Cross. He also founded Warden Comics and currently writes numerous titles for the comic book publishing company. NOD, his first comic series, successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2019 and was met with rave reviews. The NOD series continues to grow with new issues set to launch in 2022. He also just wrapped writing on the sequel to recently funded Crow and the Eternal Night.

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Colleen palmer

Colleen Palmer loves nothing more than writing and illustrating dark fantasy and folklore comics. Her most popular works include her graphic novel, Crow and the Eternal Night, and the one-shot sci-fi horror comic Fractured. She’s currently working on an issue for Warden Comic’s cosmic horror comic NOD, has had work recently published in the comic horror anthology BUMP, and is working on the second book in the crow series, Crow and the Vengeful Light.

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