Warden Comics Presents:


A creature horror comic anthology

submissions are closed!

Thank you for your submissions! We have had an overwhelming response to this anthology and will be going through submissions as quickly as we can!


Everyone will receive a response regardless of whether your pitch is selected.

Thank you for your patience!

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Monstrosities will feature insanity inducing monsters never before seen on the page by

independent comic creators.

Monstrosities is the first anthology from Warden Comics launching in 2022.



  • Submissions are open January 1st 2022.

  • Submissions close March 31st, 2022.

  • Successful applicants will be announced soon!

  • Final art will be due August 27th, 2022.

  • A crowdsourcing campaign will run from 1-30 September 2022

  • Book is scheduled to ship October 2022.


  • Warden Comics will pay a page rate of $75/page. Teams are responsible for deciding how they split the payment. Additionally, ten contributor’s copies per creator, and the perpetual right to buy copies of the anthology for 50% off the cover price. 

  • All creators will receive 10 copies of all advertisement objects related to their story. (See RIGHTS)


  • With money left over from all production, stretch goals, and fulfillment Warden Comics intends to increase the page rate for contributors. Further details will be discussed with contributors if we are successful.


  • The names and emails of all creators involved in the story

  • The title of the proposed story

  • A summary of the proposed story, which includes the beginning, the middle, and the end. (Please be as succinct as possible. Novellas will be frowned upon)

  • A predicted page count (estimates are fine)

  • Portfolio links for the proposed participants, which may also include any preparatory sketches done for the proposal, although this is not required

  • Comics should be 4 – 10 pages long.

  • If your submission is accepted, the final art must be designed to fit standard American graphic novel dimensions: 6.625″ × 10.25″.

  • Color, B&W, or Grayscale are acceptable.


  • Submissions from creators under the age of 18.

  • Pin-ups and prose submissions. This anthology will exclusively feature comics.

  • Excessively graphic content. Submissions to the anthology must be equivalent to a PG-13 or soft R movie rating. No frequent “hard” profanity or erotica will be accepted.

  • Proposals from incomplete creative teams. If you’re an artist without a writer, or a writer without an artist, please find a partner before submitting your proposal. Warden Comics can’t play matchmaker. (Single-creator submissions are fine. We don’t prefer multi-person teams over single creators, or vice-versa.)

  • Fanfic, fan art, or pastiche. Please don’t submit stories using intellectual property you don’t own, or stories that are clearly referential of such work/take place in the same universe or reality.

  • Any story that is found to not follow our mission or values will be rejected with no explanation. We do not tolerate any forms of hate, bigotry, or racism.


  • Monstrosities will be a full-color, all-comics anthology. Each story will be between 4 and 10 pages in length. The desired contents are insanity inducing monsters. Prefer new creations that have never been seen on a page before.


  • Pitches from a SOLO CREATOR (making the entire comic by yourself), or as a TEAM (yourself including one or more additional team members). You are responsible for forming and managing your team.


  • Online publication as a web comic or portfolio piece is ok for submission.


  • Agreeing to participate means that you’re allowing Warden Comics, LLC. To exclusively release your story in Volume 1 of “Monstrosities” via print and digital formats.

  • Ownership remains with the creators.  The agreement duration is a full calendar year from the date of original publication. After the full calendar year, the owner may freely distribute and use the work(s) as they please.

  • Warden Comics, LLC. Retains non-exclusive digital and physical re-print rights in perpetuity.

  • Warden Comics will work with artist to create unique advertisement objects for each selected story for use in advertisement of the book - each team will receive 10 of each item. Rights to produce and sell those items will be held with Warden Comics LLC for sole use of advertisement / selling of the book. 

the curators


Ludie sexton

As a huge fan of both history and science fiction, Ludie Sexton is the creator and writer of Double Cross. He also founded Warden Comics and currently writes numerous titles for the comic book publishing company. NOD, his first comic series, successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2019 and was met with rave reviews. The NOD series continues to grow with new issues set to launch in 2022. He also just wrapped writing on the sequel to recently funded Crow and the Eternal Night.

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  • Twitter

Colleen palmer

Colleen Palmer loves nothing more than writing and illustrating dark fantasy and folklore comics. Her most popular works include her graphic novel, Crow and the Eternal Night, and the one-shot sci-fi horror comic Fractured. She’s currently working on an issue for Warden Comic’s cosmic horror comic NOD, has had work recently published in the comic horror anthology BUMP, and is working on the second book in the crow series, Crow and the Vengeful Light.

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​What level of ability will you be looking for in submissions?

  • This is a professional publishing project. Writing and art will have to meet our standards of quality. If your submission is denied, it is not personal. You will be given a professional explanation for its refusal.


I’m not American. Can I still submit to this anthology?


  • Absolutely, as long as the book is in English.


Can I submit more than one proposal? I have multiple good ideas!


  • Yes, but please, no more than three per creator/creative team. We want your best ideas, not every idea you have.


I have an already-finished comic that fits this theme perfectly. Would you be willing to consider it?


  • Only so long as it truly fits the original prompt, follows the stated guidelines, and has never been physically published before.


What age group will this anthology be meant for?


  • YA (Young Adult) and up. “Hard” swears (F***, C***) should be limited and nudity should be non-sexual.


What about intellectual property rights? Are you buying those from selected stories?


  • No. Participation in Monstrosities cedes universal first publication rights to Warden Comics for a period of one year, and general publication rights in perpetuity.


  • What that means in practice is that only Warden Comics and no one else will be permitted to sell your story in the agreed format (as part of an anthology) for one calendar year and will be permitted to continue to sell your story in that format until the earth is eventually swallowed by a black hole, non-exclusively. After that initial year concludes, you can put your submission on comixology, sell it to a different anthology, and print it as a mini for cons, anything you like.


  • Warden Comics is not purchasing intellectual property rights. If Netflix decides they need to make a movie out of a story we’ve published in Monstrosities, they’ll have to go to you, not us. Warden Comics exclusively publishes creator-owned comics.



  • If you have any questions about this project which have not been addressed here, you can contact the coordinators at Please read this page in its entirety before emailing.