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About Us

Turning ideas into art

Warden Comics is a small independent comic book publishing company that started in 2020. We started as a small team and have grown with artists, writers, editors, and people who just want to get a start in the comic book industry. 

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Our Story

Warden Comics was founded on the idea of the dreamer. The kid in the comic book store who was always looking past the titles from the big name publishers and envisioning a book with their name on it sitting on the shelf. Someone who still feels excitement and joy going to comic stores and Comic Cons and seeing a smile when someone ask for their autograph on one of their books. 


We here at Warden Comics still feel that joy

and we want to help those kids from the comic store follow their dreams.  

Meet The Team

writer photo.jpg

ludie sexton

Founder, CEO, Writer

ken krekeler

Head Project Editor, Double Cross Series Artist, Ozymandias Series Writer, O-Anthology Editor

colleen palmer

Project Editor, Monstrosities Co-Curator, Crow Series Artist, NOD #5 Artist, Double Cross Variant Covers, Head Video Editor


stephen baker

Double Cross 7-12 Writer, Messengers Series Writer

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Our Clients

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