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REQUIEM IN RELKE is a blood-soaked revenge thriller with an arid science fiction backdrop. Combining themes from the modern western and gangster genres to tell an explosive but intimate story about identity.

Written by Gabe Cheng

Art by Colleen Palmer

Variant Cover Art by Izzy Cheng


This short story one-shot is inspired by Gabe's experience as a person of mixed race. The main character Aurora walks between the two metaphorical worlds of the story, has tangible connections to both, but doesn’t truly belong in either.


REQUIEM IN RELKE is published by Warden Comics.


Meet the Team


Gabe left a successful career as a high school teacher and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for writing and working in entertainment.


REQUIEM IN RELKE is an acutely personal story about identity. Through Aurora and Zephyr, Gabe examines the complicated tension that comes from belonging to a community but always feeling like an outsider. 

If you enjoyed FOR MOLLY, INTO THE WILDERNESS, and THE NIGHT SHIFT (from Warden Comics MONSTROSITIES) you will love the action, suspense, and emotional intensity Gabe brings to REQUIEM IN RELKE.


Colleen Palmer is the creator behind CROW AND THE ETERNAL NIGHT, CROW AND THE VENGEFUL LIGHT, HUNTER'S MOON: A BLOOD MOON CROW BOOK, FRACTURED, and many other weird and wonderful works. She has also worked on an issue for Warden Comic’s cosmic horror comic NOD, is a continuing variant artist contributor on DOUBLE CROSS, and co-curator/contributor for the horror comic anthology MONSTROSITIES.


Currently, she's working on a new dark fantasy comic book series for Warden Comics, and when she’s not drawing spends time with her family exploring the mountains and deserts of the western US.

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