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The Double Cross Program goes head to head with the vile DR. DEATH in the action packed 4th issue of Double Cross. 

Japan enters the war! Both in the past and the present - Can Aesir and his team figure out who is stealing the flames before it's too late?

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Hi I'm Ludie! (Pronounced Loo-Dee) I'm a massive geek. I read comics of all genres and I'm a huge fan of science fiction writers from H.P Lovecraft to Neil Gaiman to Piers Anthony. I recently moved back to Texas. I've been into Comics since I can remember and started writing them while deployed in Afghanistan. I've met some fantastic artists, writers, and graphic designers along the way who helped me bring my crazy thoughts into creation.


 I am incredibly thankful just to get this far, and if only one person buys our book, I will still feel like it was worth it.

*I've been incredibly blessed to see my thoughts materialize on the page and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. Please subscribe so I can keep sharing these with you!

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